What is effective PR?

Stefanie Hopkins is the founder and managing director of Faith PR with over 15 years of PR and marketing experience. Her career has included working on behalf of clients such as Bentley when she was at McCann Erikson and the recipient of various awards including Forward Ladies SME Emerging, Yorkshire Women of Achievement and 42 under 42. In this interview we chat about what is effective PR and Stefanies company, Faith PR.

PR is something that can be overlooked in smaller business as the owners are too busy working in the business and not “on it”. We believe that having a PR plan is crucial to your success as it can provide wide coverage and interest. We all remember Richard Branson in a wedding dress, and if a billionaire knows the importance of PR then shouldn’t we? Now we can’t all be seen in wedding dresses but there are things we can do to encourage the press to write about us. It is worth spending the time to make a plan, which could be a fundraising activity for a local charity or a street litter picking day. The list is endless, but remember to give consideration to what you want written about you and where your customers eyes are. 

If you have developed a new product, taken on a lot of staff, won and award, solved a major problem these are all things that can be sent to the local press as news with a high chance of them being published. 

A list of the topics we discussed is below.

00:00 – Intro

00:30 – PR is more than sending out a press release isn’t it?

01:18 – What do you do at on-boarding with a client?

03:47 – How does a PR agency measure KPI’s?

05:44 – Are there any common mistake you find in PR?

08:05 – How important is good product photography?

09:45 – Do companies buy a package from you or an individual basis?

13:16 – A large following or a genuine influencer?

15:20 – How many followers is optimal to be the sweet spot?

16:50 – Integration

18:50 – Authenticity

20:28 – Staff motivation and loyalty

24:40 – Staff autonomy

25:58 – Have you seen any member of staff flourish in lockdown?

26:48 – How can business-questions.com improve?

If you would like to discuss your processes with Stefanie then head over to her website www.faith-pr.co.uk.

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