Business Efficiency And How To Increase Productivity

In this interview I chat with Sarah Valentine-Bull about business efficiency. Sarah is the founder of Propolis Process Solutions having formerly had a hugely impressive corporate career.

Taken from Sarah’s website :- “At Propolis, our mission is to support businesses in their drive for profitable performance, to provide businesses with the tools they need to be as efficient as possible whilst enhancing their customers’ experience”

Essentially this entails coming into your business and working alongside your team to determine what efficiencies can be made. A clear plan is devised and then implemented. We discuss how Sarah does this and what you can do in house. Some of the areas Propolis look at are :-

Increase your team productivity
Have clear ownership & responsibilities
Maximising your production capability, capacity and ensure high quality
Develop a workforce who understand Lean and 5S
Creating consistency in your processes
Make sure you don’t miss customer opportunities
Add value to your customer activities
Remove waste from the business

00:00 – Intro

00:54 – Career background

02:50 – What are you looking at in a company?

04:16 – What common mistakes do you find?

06:05 – Are the owners to busy to create processes?

09:18 – £40k saved could be a new member of staff

10:00 – Tell me about increasing productivity

12:30 – You can outsource

13:38 – Eliminating waste in a company

15:38 – Workplace efficiency

16:54 – A modern day handbook?

18:52 – How much resistance do you find?

21:10 – Helping to manage change

22:45 – Do you management listen to the employees enough?

24:27 – Can you give me an example of customer complaint procedure.

26:01 – Breaking silos down

27:50 – Can you give 3 pieces of advice please.

29:07 – Any golden nuggets of information?

If you would like to discuss your processes with Sarah then head over to her website

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