Digital Knowledge In Todays Workspace

As a company director you may have a solid grasp of the digital landscape, or at least think you do, but how much do you really know? Is your digital team reporting effectively to you? How do you even know? In this interview I chat with David Ranby from about digital and how his company performs digital audits.

00:00 – Intro

00:19 – Can you please explain what you do?

02:08 – Do directors have an understanding of digital?

03:55 – What communication skills are lacking in juniors?

05:40 – What are typical things that you find wrong with digital strategy?

06:50 – Do you give advice on SEO strategy?

09:20 – What if they don’t want to create content?

13:17 – Record content into our phone.

14:50 – Do you advise on how to best utilise each platform?

20:20 – What is the optimum amount of channels?

22:25 – Are website becoming redundant?

27:29 – How are companies doing harm to themselves?

29:30 – Any golden nuggets of advice?

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