Digital Transformation

The Digital Transformation shift has been in full swing for a while now. It seems that every company will soon be a software company offering SAAS. Businesses are being disrupted causing comprehensive processes change within the organisation.

Are you in a  firm that has been stuck in it’s ways for years? Are you now taking over the business and looking to implement a digital transformation into the work place? If so, you already know the transformational benefits it will have, from saving time to streamlining your business. You will be so much more efficient.

Mel Ross is an expert in Digital Transformation and in this interview I discuss with her how to do it and what she does.

From Mels website :-

Since 2013 we have been working with leaders and change agents experimenting and developing what is the most effective profile for a leader in a digital age. We have worked with hundreds of leaders helping them change the way they think and behave. Achieving this by developing their own self-directed journey pathways based on their current profile together with their professional goals and objectives. We do this using our unique model and approach called The Dilyn Way™, that focusses on the 7 mindsets of leading in a digital age.

Research abounds citing digital transformation being a challenge for most organisations; public and private. Much of the challenge is attributed to so much focus being placed on the technology and not enough on the people side. More importantly to us is the role that leadership plays in the success or failure of digital transformation. This is our single mission in life – to ensure there is a clear definition for the profile of an effective leader in a digital age; against which we can profile, develop and accelerate our digital transformation.

00:00 – Intro

01:14 – What is it you do? 

03:45 – What are the 7 factors? 
07:25 – Where are companies going wrong? 
10:51 – Do we all need coaches? 
14:30 – What barriers do you have to break down? 
20:30 – Real life examples of change.
30:13 – General business advice

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