The Gender Pay Gap

In this interview I chat with Emma Robinson, a partner in Red Diamond about the gender pay gap and employee well being.

Over the past few years the gender pay gap has been highlighted by mainstream media, raising awareness levels and forcing large corporations to address this important issue. PLC’s now have policy in relation to this to ensure equality and often these are public documents published on their websites. But what about small businesses?

This is often a lot harder to bring in line as employees are not aware of their colleagues salary, and there is no dedicated HR department to address the situation. Emma is quite rightly promoting the GDP issue and is something that all employers should take seriously and implement a policy.

00:00 – Intro

01:10 – Tell me about the gender pay gap

05:30 – Why is this?

07:39 – Is there a disparity in pay per hour?

10:24 – Where does achieving parity start?

12:30 – Can it be a line managers fault? 1

3:32 – What can women do to get equal pay?

15:35 – Employee wellbeing.

20:35 – Do small companies invest in their staff sufficiently?

25:06 – Lockdown being a great time to invest into yourself.

30:50 – What can people do to enhance their work/life balance?

35:00 – Any final advice?

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