How To Approach Marketing

In this interview Leor Franks discusses how his marketing process, the Favourability Journey works. Leor has worked in professional services all his working life, heading up marketing and business development teams at major firms. His resume includes being Chief Marketing Officer, Director of Business Development, Communications and Marketing for law, accounting, and consulting firms. With over twenty years’ professional services experience, thirteen at Director level.  He also holds 4 positions as a voluntary Non Executive director so has an incredible amount of knowledge to share.

Through this time he has formulated a marketing blueprint that forms the basis of his marketing which he has called The Favourability Journey. It is a fascinating interview that I am sure will prove beneficial to smaller business owners looking to develop their marketing strategy and create a business winning campaign.

00:00 – Intro

01:05 – What is the favourability journey?

03:28 – What is your process to help a company?

07:40 – Would you work alongside a agency or implement it directly?

09:20 – Can give some real life examples of the journey?

13:10 – How often should we be posting content?

17:10 – Should we be repurposing articles?

18:55 – Have you had any A HA moments?

22:02 – What marketing advice would you give to small businesses?

23:52 – Can people discuss the Favourability journey with you? 2

5:05 – Should we invest in ourselves and our knowledge?

You can find Leor on LinkedIn if you would like to know more about the Favourability Journey

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