What is a Business Message?

How to Write a Powerful Business Message is about creating a powerful message for your business, it tells your target audience how you can help them and why they should choose you over all of your competitors. A Business Message is a longer version of your elevator pitch, a sales pitch if you like. It also helps you keep on track internally.

You have thought of a fantastic business idea which is great, it is the beginning of your journey. Bringing it to reality and then letting people know about your new venture is the next step and incredibly important. Having a business message helps clarify your thoughts on paper (or screen) and will direct aspects of your marketing.

Before creating your business message

Before creating it you need to make sure there’s a market for your product or your service and that the pricing is right. Do you understand how you’re going to market it, how will you get your product to market?  All these things are fundamental in enabling you to construct your message. Think about who your customers are. Try to paint a picture in your mind or even better write it down, think of it as creating a character in a book, where do your customers shop, what do they like to do in their spare time?  It could be a whole range of activities which is fine, you’re really trying to identify where they might see your message and how your product or service can actually be relatable to them, because people buy from people and you want them to buy into you as much as into your product.

Ensure there will be a stable market base for your business to tap into. If you have a very very niche product which only a handful of people want, that’s great, it can be very high end and high value with large profits, but most people will be buying more consumable products, so how many can you realistically sell? It would be a big mistake to aim to capture one percent of the market. In fact it is a really terrible thing to do, so don’t go down that route. 

Really think about the numbers. If you can sell a hundred of your product this a month what do you make? If you can increase that to 500 what do you make? Do you have systems in place to deal with that quantity and increased customer service needs?  Is it actually possible to facilitate the extra orders physically,  do you have the storage facilities? How many products do i need to sell before I can afford an industrial unit to store my product in?  If you’re doing an online service or selling a course fantastic. Create it, sell it hundred times over and there is no additional work. It all depends on the business model you’re actually looking at. 

Creating your message

When you’ve analyzed the above, you should be in a better position to know how to write a powerful business message. It is important to understand how you will use it, as the message will give indications of where it is best spend your advertising and your marketing budget. Is there any point in spending a ludicrous amount of money on instagram for instance if you’re selling walking frames? How many people in there 80s or 90s are on instagram? Probably very few, buy they might have a computer and be looking at Google, so Google could be a great opportunity for you. In fact you might discover it is the end users son or daughter that makes the buying decision, so how would that effect your marketing?  The key is to think where they’re going to be buying their products, and then target the message to that platform as well using a language which they can identify and can relate to. When devising your message think about what problem it is solving for that person. Is it saving them time, does it increase their productivity, will it increase their sales? You have to define your unique selling proposition.

How should you construct your business message? 

You want it to be simple you want it to be understandable you want people to get it straight away. You’ve only got their attention for perhaps 10 seconds it’s that elevator pitch you really want to ensure you connect and resonate with them. Ideally they will be intrigued and  think your product or service would really them in their business or in my career. 

Paint a description of your business which tells a story that’s far more personal than just listing out what you actually do, try and give some examples if you possibly can. Think about how you’re going to solve their problem. Is it going to save them time, is it going to save them money, why will working with you be beneficial to that company over all your competitors, why should they swap?  They may be buying a similar product to yours already from another source, so what can you offer that your competitors don’t? 

Motivate people with a CTA. Maybe have an offer for the first 500 people to buy your product or service, get it at a preferable rate or have a special pricing just for the next 48 hours. I have given an example below. It’s not perfect yet but that is fine – it has reached a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) level so I am running with it. 

“Business Questions was born out of Covid-19 in order to help other business owners whose years of work have been eroded. It is for those that have been made redundant and now wish to start their own business. In summary, it exists to help you excel in your business or career. We answer the questions you didn’t know you needed to know, and solve countless problems that circle your mind. If you choose to subscribe to our channel you will be on the fast track to success.  It is free, concise and helps you invest in the knowledge to fast-track your ambitions. Hit the subscribe button on YouTube as the next film might be the one with that golden nugget of advice in it you have been searching for”

I am telling people really what business questions is about, and also asking them to subscribe. Hopefully by detailing the information they will believe by subscribing to Business Questions they can learn and it’s worth investing five or ten minutes of my time. What do you think? What improvements could I make? Feel free to put forward your ideas in the comments below.

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