How it Works

Discover below how we plan to build a community of like minded individuals that are serious and focused about succeeding in business during this pandemic.

We interview entrepreneurs via video who share their years of experience and mistakes they have made. Each one is full of advice and insightful knowledge to help you grow. 

Our community (join in the orange box) gets a few extra bonuses in our monthly newsletter so why not join now. 

What we do

Business Journal is a resource for everyone that is invested into their business, career or corporation globally. We conduct interviews with leaders in their fields. These encompass sales, marketing, HR, PR, social media, IT, law, entrepreneurship, business, finance, growth and systems. We ask them questions designed to be informative and that can help you. We cover what works, and perhaps most importantly what fails. Quite simply we exist to help you accelerate your growth by providing the knowledge and insight that you need to thrive.

Free Content

The vast majority of interviews we conduct with business leaders are posted for all to view on the site free of charge. Our belief, especially in these difficult times, is that as much information should be freely available as possible.

Community Members

Those choosing to join our community benefit from additional and unique content, often focussing on the intricacies of SEO and social media marketing, at an advanced level. You will be amazed at what you don’t know and how much of a difference these make. We have made the investment in knowledge to pass onto you. 

Community Benefits

Unique and advanced content. Discounts from our partners. Discounts on our focus courses when they are available. The opportunity to be featured in our community member interviews to tell fellow members all about your business.

The Price

It is all free! We want to help you and your business grow. We make money from sponsors, adverts and affiliate links (only from companies we love and trust). Eventually we will have a paid for members site but that is some  way off.