Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is integral to any business which is why we focus on it so much here at Business Questions. In this interview I chat with Richard Forshaw Smith, the director of RFS Marketing & Communications, about all things marketing. It was a fascinating interview seeing how an agency works and contributes to the success of a business. Marketing is something we get wrong so frequently, so it is always good to get a reminder of what we should be doing to propel us forward. I particularly like how Richard markets his agency which you will discover in the interview.

One topic that Richard discuses is mailing lists – an age old (relatively speaking!) yet very effective form of marketing, that so many companies under utilise in favour of shiny, new things. Richard points out how valuable it is as you own the data, and it has been freely given to you. So the dynamic has totally changed in your favour. It creates a one-one relationship so very effective and great for building a community.

00:00 – Intro

01:23 – Basic principles of marketing

02:30 – How important is authenticity in marketing?

04:40 – Have you experience of companies taking it back in house?

06:50 – What does a marketing company do when they 1st take on a client?

09:40 – How do you create a campaign?

14:30 – What proportion of turnover should be assigned to marketing?

15:50 – How do you market your business?

19:57 – Mailing lists

22:56 – How often should you email your list?

28:35 – Working all hours.

31:14 – What are the 3 most common mistakes in marketing.

If you would like to discuss marketing strategy with Richard further then head over to his website where you will find details on how to have a free 1-1 appraisal of your business –

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