As your business grows you may consider the immensely popular practice of business process outsourcing. Martin Andersons company, Lemon Business Solutions, handles over 2m calls a year plus emails and chatbots. They integrate with your own software or with CRMs and other systems such as Genesys, Cloudfm, Concerto, Sage, Salesforce and Verisae. In their own words they help you to streamline processes, save time, reduce costs, remove tedious operations and improve productivity.

The company is UKAS certified for ISO9001 and ISO27001 and also work to ISO22301 standards for business continuity,

It is not just a reception service though – they really get to know your company through a dedicated account manager and offer a wide range of services from handling inbound sales calls, building your CRM to providing technical support on your products.

It also means if working from home with a family you always present how professional you are with no kids or dogs barking in the background. Something I would have benefitted from in this film.

The timings of the film are below. View on YouTube to access this feature.

00:16 – Tell me about Outsourcing?

01:42 -So your team is like an extension of my team?

02:37 – What back office tasks can you undertake?

03:58 – It must really work now that people are used to remote working?

06:24 – Is any company too small to outsource?

08:14 – It really is important not to miss a call isn’t it?

10:12 – Outsourcing must be very beneficial for when you cannot afford a full time employee?

12:45 – You handle 2m calls per year and emails. How have you managed HR?

15:30 – Investing in people for retention – what else do you do?

18:00 – MMFI – Make Me Feel Important.

21:05 – Sometimes you have to pick up the phone.

30:00 – Letting go and trusting others.

32:14 – I love your website.

34:00 – How much time does the company spend on SEO?

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