I’m really delighted to have spoken with Kris Britton of kaybe.co.uk about Small Business Marketing. Chris is one of the country’s leading digital marketers. Kris has depth knowledge of the world of digital marketing and how we can use it to get customers. This is going be one of those interviews where you’re going to gain so much insight and knowledge so be sure to watch it all. Below are some chapter markers to make coming back easier.

00:00 – Small Business Marketing Intro

01:30 – What is your background Kris? 

03:07 – What is digital marketing? 

05:00 – What is integrating your social media? 

07:00 – Why use an SEO agency? 

09:54 – What are the biggest mistakes you see on websites? 

12:25 – Should I use PPC, Adwords or backlinks? 

16:20 – How do you build a Facebook group? 

19:32 – How much time should I devote to digital marketing? 

23:54 – Is that per social channel or in total?

27:47 – What should I spend on PPC? 

30:36 – Why we should hire someone better than us.

32:37 – Don’t spend your profits, invest them in the business.

33:18 – What is Account Based Marketing? 

36:08 – How can we improve our website? 

38:08 – Should I have adverts on my site? 

40:42 – What other changes can I make to the site? 

43:15 – Golden Nugget Information 


Here is an excerpt from our chat about a business website and generating traffic to it:-

You need to ask how do I set up the framework of SEO on my website? How do I make sure that my website is going to be read and understood not only bots but by humans as well. And that’s the touch that people forget. 

So often I hear people say that Google needs me to have all of my keywords on my homepage, so I’m just going to put those keywords them my homepage with. Well, that’s great, wonderful, great job. But actually, as a human do I want to sit there and read that? I don’t as it’s not really not interesting. 

So this is where Google’s algorithms are becoming more and more complex now, where they look at how long people are spending on your site. So what we do, for example, here at Kaybe is spend the time with individuals and businesses to understand them.  To make sure their website has the framework in place to be indexed correctly. It’s not just a case of having a website launch, you’ve got so many different components that sit in the back end that we refer to as technical SEO. And these are the bits that aren’t normally read by the human eye. 

There’s the initial part of let’s get your site built, but also get the structure correct, then you’ve got your ongoing piece. So how do you develop great content that people are going to want to read that’s going to help you be found online? A really great example of this is blogging.  Blogging is so important for websites because you’re producing fresh content that’s relevant to the industry you’re talking about. There’s one recycling centre that’s based near Glastonbury, who have done a blog, completely unrelated. They don’t supply Glastonbury waste disposal, but they’ve done a blog around how much waste is produced there and they pick up so much business off this blog post.

I know so many businesses, and we work with a large number, where their blogs can generate 30,000 hits in a month. But the amount of traffic that goes from that blog to other pages on their site especially the Contact Us page which is so important these days, is huge. It’s getting individuals to interact and engage. And it comes back to that point I was mentioning about trust signals. Is a user coming to your site, reading it and thinking they are really knowledgeable about the subject that they’re talking about?

Do this and you will be well on your way to successful marketing. The interview has so much information that even if you listen to it in the background, you are going to learn so much.

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