Spotting A Product To Develop

Have you ever been out and seen a group of people do something and think to yourself that you could make a business of that? It is exactly what Ben Jacobs did when seeing people playing Jenga but adapting it slightly. An idea for a grown up version was born and with no prior experience, Ben and his business partner developed Power Hour Tower. Hear all about their journey from idea to flourishing sales in this interview.

00:00 – Intro

02:21 – What was the development process?

06:10 – How did you drive initial sales?

09:09 – Did you start marketing locally only?

12:28 – Product development.

16:00 – Any monumental mistakes?

20:38 – Have you automated your digital marketing?

22:27 – What are you expansion plans?

24:00 – Will you license Power Hour Tower

28:13 – Top three tips

29:58 – How long did it take to get traction?

32:08 – Do you have a mentor?

You can find the game at Power Hour Tower

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