Start Up Investment

Narcis Balalau is a serial investor in StartUps. In this interview I chat with him about how businesses can prepare to get Start Up Investment.

Raising finance when a start up can be one of the hardest aspects to accomplish. You are up against countless others trying to get money to start or grow with only a limited amount of investors. Make sure that you have a solid business plan with financials and be prepared to be scrutinised! You will be asked questions in detail so really know your business inside out and try to justify any guesses you have made in the numbers. Think about what you need the money for and how it will be used to grow the business. Also consider other options such as grants, bank loans or crowdfunding. 

This interview will help you as it provides an insightful look into some of the things investors look for in Entrepreneurs alongside general business advice.

00:35 – What qualities are you looking for in a Start-Up

04:10 – What have you learnt from your failures?

05:00 – Is it easier to invest in someone from a corporate background?

07:29 – Talk to me about Pitchdecks.

11:04 – Lets discuss over valuations of companies.

14:22 – How to value your company?

19:20 – Is there a common error you see in companies?

21:25 – Who should be your first hire?

24:09 – Is it a false economy to hire someone inexperienced initially over a experienced person?

29:04 – When is the right time for a founder to take a step back?

31:55 – At some stage you need to employ someone better than you.

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