Sustainable Development Goals – New Tech In Clothes Recycling for Ethical Fashion

In this interview I chat with Alina Bassi, the founder of Kleiderly, who is based in Berlin about Sustainable Development Goals. Having completed a chemical engineering degree Alina worked for multi-nationals before developing a Patent Pending process to repurpose clothing items to give them a new life as a totally different product. This might be as a security tag or clothes hanger, but the possibilities are seemingly endless.

One fact on states that 87% of all clothing waste ends up in landfill or is burned in incinerators which produces the same amount of carbon dioxide as one individual taking 6 billion return flights from Berlin to Australia, per year! That is quite alarming and goes to prove that not only is Alina’s idea much needed but also essential to help combat waste.

00:00 – Intro

00:45 – Introduction

01:10 – Tell me about your start up journey

01:58 – What did learn from the accelerator programme.

02:43 – What were the most challenging questions you were asked?

05:05 – You completed the Google Start Up Program?

07:10 – Turning your vision into reality.

07:50 – Patents

08:30 – Taking it to market. 09:40 – Can you 3D print?

10:15 – How do you source the clothing? 1

1:18 – How do you minimise the environmental impact of getting the clothes?

11:25 – Will you have clothing banks?

12:48 – Have you had to change premises as you have grown?

14:22 – Can you educate people to also buy better clothes?

15:00 – How do you plan to expand?

15:40 – How challenging is it to make your products cost effectively.

18:18 – Will you license your technology?

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