Why We Want To Help You

Business Questions was soft launched on January 1st 2021 by David Pearce as a direct result of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Having seen his business lose 85% of it’s revenue in 2020 he realised that potentially millions would be in the same position globally.  In addition, countless others have seen their jobs being threatened and David wants to ensure they have access to knowledge from their peers enabling them to thrive in their careers.

David has been self-employed for over 20 years and has run various businesses from being a wine merchant to a photographer, filmmaker and book publisher. He has seen successful (award winning books and full accreditation as a photographer at 3 Olympic Games) but also experienced failure (taking on an investor in his wine business only for it to ruin it).

David is inquisitive and hungry for knowledge. He is passionate about helping others during these unprecedented times so decided to launch this website full of free resources to help everyone from employees and start ups to entrepreneurs.

Part of this sites growth will be derived from the very interviews we conduct. It would be remiss not to ask some of the finest minds how we can improve.

This is why we want to help you

Our Mission

To help and inspire you. We have been where you are – searching for the knowledge, wisdom and insight to grow our business to the size we know it should be.

We know what it is like to have failed. We know what it feels like to not achieve our aspirations. It is this that drives us to learn by speaking with wise souls who have pushed through and accomplished their ambitions.

We want you to grow with us. Our mission is to BUILD our future. Will you join us? 

Our Vision

This is simple. To put you in a position where you can take on the role of chairperson of your business. To have the confidence to let go, not to micro-manage, to employ the right staff on the right salary to run your business day to day.

You may want to start by viewing all of our interviews